Here’s another relevant piece of information regarding the skinny model controversy (see “Can fashion models be too thin?“) – a set of recommendations released earlier this year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA):

Keep models under 16 off the runway and don’t allow models under 18 to work at fittings or photo shoots past midnight.

Educate those in the industry to identify the early warning signs of eating disorders.

Require models identified as having an eating disorder to receive professional help and only allow those models to continue with approval from that professional.

Develop workshops on the causes and effects of eating disorders, and raise awareness of the effects of smoking and tobacco-related disease.

During fashion shows, provide healthy meals and snacks, while prohibiting smoking and alcohol.

These are merely suggestions and will not be enforced.

The question of unhealthy body mass indexes (BMIs) was not addressed. According to their statement:

“The CFDA is about awareness and education, not policing. Therefore, the committee is not recommending that models get a doctor’s physical examination to assess their health or body-mass index to be permitted to work. Eating disorders are emotional disorders that have psychological, behavioral, social, and physical manifestations, of which body weight is only one.”

Another indication that the ultra skinny model will be around as long as super–slim sells.