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20 5 years ago by Inge

Welcome to "Body Type"

Recent Conversations
9 1 day ago by tulle

Body Types...

7 6 days ago by chadya

Is my body ok??

6 1 week ago by Jilena

Ask Angie: What's my Body Type?


Summer casual trousers, apple shape

4 2 weeks ago by Jilena

What's the difference between secondary and primary body shape?

6 2 weeks ago by Jilena

Ask Angie: What shape am I?

20 2 weeks ago by Style Fan

Shapewear doesn't do anything for me

8 2 weeks ago by Anonymous

Shops for tall apple shape over 50

33 2 weeks ago by gradfashionista

body types BF jeans do *not* work for

5 2 weeks ago by Firecracker

Ask Angie: Help with body type please?

2 2 weeks ago by cat123

Ask Angie: What's my body shape?

16 3 weeks ago by anne

Interesting Body Shape Article

6 3 weeks ago by Camilla

Where to begin as a beginner maybe just need a stylist to help me?

27 1 month ago by shiny

Proportions -sigh

23 1 month ago by trekkiegirl (tr3kkie9rl)

Peplum top on a long waist.

15 1 month ago by UmmLila

John Kitchener's Angelic/Ethereal type (Per psychedelicate)

4 1 month ago by Marilyn

Ask Angie: My Body Shape

4 1 month ago by Miranda

Body shape change with weight loss?

14 1 month ago by Day Vies

I'm an apple, right?

7 1 month ago by bettycrocker

A (pear) secondary body shape?

2 1 month ago by Angie

Lower skinny legs

3 1 month ago by Angie

Ask Angie: Am I a pear?

3 2 months ago by Angie

Ask Angie: Body Type help?

12 2 months ago by rachylou

Athlete gone to seed : body blues

42 2 months ago by rachylou

Wow I have a really long neck and torso

15 2 months ago by bettycrocker

Do corsets work for smaller waists?

20 2 months ago by Kiwigal

Short waisted vs short rise? Confused.

16 2 months ago by Rose1993

What body shape am I?

4 2 months ago by rachylou

Blazer = I look like a football player

14 2 months ago by gesturepoke

Body Shape?

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