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20 5 years ago by Inge

Welcome to "Body Type"

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7 8 hours ago by Joy

Body Shape Dilema

21 1 day ago by Kiwigal

body types BF jeans do *not* work for

32 1 day ago by alaskagirl

Are there things we just CAN'T wear because of particular body shape?

14 2 days ago by mspcandoit

What about the tall girls?

14 3 days ago by lee

clothes for the super skinny??

1 3 days ago by DonnaF

Petite Clothing

13 6 days ago by bettycrocker

Bottoms for 8 shape - high hips

10 6 days ago by scarabocchio2008

Can I wear this dress?

10 1 week ago by Nena

Help: which body type am I?

8 1 week ago by Beth Ann

not sure what my body type is

11 2 weeks ago by katalac

Does Anthropologie run small?

13 2 weeks ago by em2014

Ask Angie: Where to shop for very thin, petite ladies?

35 3 weeks ago by MaryLouise Tucker

Fifty & Fashion Crisis-Time!

12 3 weeks ago by Miranda

What's my body shape?

20 4 weeks ago by Golden

Am I a rectangle or inverted triangle? Something else?

49 1 month ago by Stacie M

You know you're a pretty pear when...

13 1 month ago by Sylvia

Another view of body type...

10 1 month ago by fluffyshoppaholic

Would I suit high waisted clothes?

46 1 month ago by Dixie


62 1 month ago by Diana M

Anyone try 'Dressing your truth'

10 1 month ago by maraxcee

Ask Angie(and others): I need help determing my body shape

21 1 month ago by Dixie

Am I a rectangle? Apple?

23 1 month ago by Anonymous

Ask Angie: What is my predominate body shape?

8 1 month ago by anne

Orphan jacket with skinnies

6 1 month ago by Chrissie

X or 8 hourglass? Clothes for both shapes.

9 1 month ago by kdj

Ask Angie: Jeans and flats for a pear?

81 1 month ago by Angie

What is the difference between a vase and a lollipop body shape?

15 2 months ago by Dixie

body type - help

2 2 months ago by Staysfit

Ask Angie: Knitting Green Cardigan, Will this type of style work for my body type?

186 2 months ago by anne

Find your YLF body twin (or triplet...etc)!!

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