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20 4 years ago by Inge

Welcome to "Body Type"

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13 1 day ago by fathenry

Body type??

10 4 days ago by Cindy S

Lapsed Hourglass?

8 1 week ago by Alassë

Body Type?

16 1 week ago by Nebraskim

Boyfriend jeans on pears.......over 50

180 1 week ago by fathenry

Find your YLF body twin (or triplet...etc)!!

19 1 week ago by CocoLion

X or 8 hourglass?

41 2 weeks ago by cciele

The DVF Wrap Dress and Apple Tendencies

14 2 weeks ago by MsKatieKat

Body Type

18 2 weeks ago by fastkat

Body Type and Blazers

24 3 weeks ago by Golden

Body type help - ETA photos

8 3 weeks ago by Angie

Ask Angie: where is my natural waist?

19 1 month ago by hissylizard

Trouble Identifying Body Type

38 1 month ago by Sheila

When your Kibbe type and personal style don't mix

18 1 month ago by Vildy

My body type and fit issues

48 1 month ago by Laura (rhubarbgirl)

You know you're a pretty pear when...

11 1 month ago by Von

Leather jacket styles for hourglass

2 1 month ago by Gigi

Best bikini top for small boob cleavage (besides VS Bombshell)?

91 1 month ago by Jenny H

Who is your foot double?

20 1 month ago by hissylizard

Whats my body shape?

12 1 month ago by kristinarouse

Black clothing

1 1 month ago by Angie

Ask Angie: flare dresses

12 1 month ago by Aminah

Sorry for all the posts! Could I get advice on how to dress my body type?

14 1 month ago by Von

Question about spring dresses for hourglass shape

11 1 month ago by normal chaos

Ask Angie: Where to start???

31 1 month ago by rachylou

Speaking of body types - has mine changed?

22 1 month ago by Angie

Body Type?

33 1 month ago by Sveta

Pear Dressing, trying Angie's Boxy Sweater Ensemble


Maxi Skirts/Dresses for Short Plus-Size Body Types.

16 1 month ago by Beth Ann

The pointy toe thing (Pear shape)

50 1 month ago by kerry

What do you love most about being petite, curvy, tall, etc...

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