Looks like I'm no the only with a lot of shoes. I've gotten rid of a lot, but have keep a lot of my flats and dressy boots.

I have 30 pairs of shoes, mostly sneakers, boots, and sandals.

I’m like SJP who lamented in an episode of Sex in the City that the amt of money she had spent on her shoes ( Manolo’s in her case ) could have bought her a nice NYC apartment .

He he Lisa, you and me together there.

I would like to have more variety in my shoes but I am a challenging fit and a bit particular when it comes to style. I the past I have purchased as many as three of the same style in different colors. Although some colors turn out to be favorites, they all end up being worn until they are worn out.

I counted 15 pairs, which surprised me. This winter I have been wearing 3 pairs. I pair of sneakers on walks, but will be worn a little more once it is a bit warmer. I pair of black Ugg booties that people are surprised to learn are Uggs, and 1 pair of gray suede and knit Ugg booties that I originally bought as slippers but are heavy, not cozy, so after I saw them being worn on the street, I started wearing them that way too.

Not being worn, and perhaps shouldn't be included in the count, 1 pair of boots that I bought at my lowest recent weight (5-6 years ago?) that barely fit after Nordstrom stretched them. I was so happy to find a pair that fit over my calves but didn't fall off my heels. Note, I can't just "go find a pair that fits". These are only the second pair of boots I have ever found that fits.

Also not being worn, but could be, 1 pair of suede booties with a slightly narrower last and pointier toe than completely comfortable. Definitely cute, however. Will I ever where these again? Definitely won't wear these again until next winter, may decide then. Might be more comfortable a few pounds down.

Not being worn now, but maybe in spring, 1 pair wild embroidered sneaker boots, 1 pair multi-striped vans, and 1 pair cuter than my walking sneakers but not fashion sneakers. None of these is as comfortable as my walking sneakers or Uggs, Just not as much support. Even my sandals are more comfortable.

I should say here that I would definitely like more winter shoes and different colors, but Munro changed it's lasts and they were almost the only shoes that fit me. I can go into Nordstrom and walk out with nothing because nothing I find remotely attractive fits comfortably and stays on my heels.

Summer works better because sandals have more forgiveness. Although, ironically, I had to retire some they became too loose after I lost back some of the weight I had gained. 1 SAS, worn especially when I'm having foot issues, 2 pairs of a specific style of Naot that fit, and that I seem to be able to replace on Zappos even though they were from years ago, in copper and goldish metallic, colors that I wouldn't normally pick, I wish they came in pewter, but they fit and look good and are even more comfortable than going barefoot, 2 pairs of almost flat strappy dressy sandals in bone and black patent, 1 pair of black suede sandals that are also a bit dressy (Carly, in finds), 1 pair of cute black suede sandals with heels (Abby, in finds) that I wear only on fancy occasions where I'm mostly sitting (the only pair I own that I would consider stylish). The heels, although block, are high for me, and I am a bit awkward in them going down stairs.

In reality, this winter I am spending in house slippers, and the walking sneakers or Uggs when I leave the house.

I wear out my winter shoes and booties and my Naot and SAS sandals. The other styles last a long time because they are dressier, or sort of in-between, or not as comfortable, so I have pairs I like but don't even remember when I bought them, it was so long ago.

I went back and checked my purchases to make sure, and I did just replace pairs that wore out: blue, light grey and gold ballet flats for summer and black and dark grey ballet flats and loafers for winter. On some crazy sales, I think last year was the least I have spent per item in ages.

I wanted to pop back to say that this was really useful. I see that I have a lot of shoes that don't get much wear. Some of that is because of comfort level/fit, and some is because I don't have that many fancy occasions.

I'll join the fun and share...although my shoes are all technically different, they fall into clear categories where I have different colors in similar styles. Also I have a couple of exact duplicates as backups for favorites (especially when I find them on sale). I'm happy with my collection at the moment and would just replace with similar styles as these wear out.

Not counting gear (ie exercise, hiking, snow, slippers), here's what I've got:
4 sneakers
4 ankle boots
4 sandals
1 tall boots
2 dressy summer strappy shoes
1 dressy winter shoes

The dressy ones are over 12 years old and I don't have finds for them- I guess that says something about how often I dress up!

Runcarla, thank you for starting this thread. I loooove shoes! But over the years, shoes have stopped loving me.
I have probably 30-40 pairs now. All comfort choices. No more heels, no more pinchy almond shape toe boxes.
Vionic sneakers are my go to sneaker now (thanks YLF forum for the tip). Blondo boots (short booties all), Birkies Arizona x 3 pairs. All comfortable.
I bought a pair of Baniff snow boots but I am sure they will last me for the rest of my life as they are only worn 1-2 times a winter.
Bonnie I really like those Bosch Docs.
I have a penchant for any dark floral patterned shoe as well as brights.
Thanks everyone for sharing your collections. Really fun to see all the different shoes!

This thread — along with being extra confined to home today because of a nasty ice storm — has me thinking of attempting an edit of my shoes. I don’t want to go too crazy and regret getting rid of something I may want to wear in the after times, but being realistic, there are some things that just weren’t earning their keep even before the pandemic. Hmm. I’ll post if I tackle such a project.

Late to this. I have 24 pairs at the moment which is the lowest amount since I was a kid. But this amount fits comfortably in my storage space and it gives me enough variety, so I think I will maintain this number with one in - one out approach. I do duplicate both in style and color. I don’t have a particularly fussy feet, but I still
went through so many footwear revamps over the years. With each kid my foot grow a size, so it meant complete revamp. Then about 10 years ago I slipped and fell and broke my right foot in 2 places so had to get different footwear for a while. After that injury I had trouble wearing heels so went from 7cm maximum to 5cm maximum. Than again few years ago I had freak accident when I dropped a knife on my bare foot, and some time after that developed mysterious swelling of the same foot that could have been related to the accident. I had to wear custom insoles for a while that again required different footwear. And within the last year I had to go through another revamp because of my back injury I cannot tolerate my 5cm heels anymore. I still can’t wear many of my current 24 pairs because I haven’t replaced all of the shoes that I can’t tolerate anymore. I had trouble finding comfortable shoes in styles and colors that I like but I will get there with little patience.

I have VERY fussy feet -- and too many pairs of footwear to disclose here because it's too embarrassing.

Dansko Pros are only 8/10 or 9/10 on the comfort scale for me but I have six pairs: Black patent, red, blue perforated, sparkly gray, redwood, and flower print. My very first pair (black) was the most comfortable but I wore them out. I think I like Pros because they are easy to slip on and off.

I have three pairs of solid black combat boots including the first two below, but I plan to try the studded/barbed Steve Madden ones if they ever go on sale. Combat boots tend to be 10/10 or 9/10 on the comfort scale for me, but I've learned that I need ones with zippers.

Oxfords are the third style that works for me: Black patent, sparkly green patent, sparkly red patent, and black leather and suede. The black patents get worn the most because they work with dresses. and the black leather and suede the least because they are so clunky.

A lot. I am on my feet all the time, live in four seasons and those two reasons alone contribute to the amount of storage space my foot wear requires. Include the fact that I love having the perfect footwear for each outfit and well, I have a lot of shoes. My favorite style is ankle booties. Then flats, although sneakers are quickly becoming favorites. I buy quality and wear my shoes into the ground, so I tend to keep what I have for several years.
I duplicate some styles, for example rain and snow boots that I can keep at home and at the lake house. I duplicate colors across styles. Most of my footwear is earth toned or neutral in color. I have a few stand out pairs of colorful eye catchers.

I have too many shoes for my life as it exists right now. Boots dominate the collection, except for my work shoes which are predominantly sneakers for summer because Texas. I certainly have more shoes than I need LOL
I tend to buy slightly different variations of the same things in different colors: lace up wedge ankle boots; platform wedge sandals, flats/low heels in different colors and styles.

About 40, across all seasons. Most of my shoes are sneakers (Sketchers), casual shoes (Sperrys), and boots (including hiking and winter snow boots). My sneakers and casual shoes are all colors, and my boots are predominantly brown.