...do you own? When you ‘repeat’ do you repeat a style in different colours, or do you repeat a colour in different styles?

These questions were inspired by this post https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....st-2171385 started by nemosmom - on the horns of a dilemma regarding a pair of brown high tops.

I currently own 11 pairs of (non sports/gear) related footwear. Some are ‘one of’, but others could be clumped together as stylistically similar (or even identical) but different colours. There is enough diversity in my closet, that I wouldn’t clump them together by colour - say like, all footwear that is black.

For 6 months I rotate through 6 pairs (see Finds) of which the sneakers and the combat boots are examples of same style/different colours and the tall boots and short booties are ‘one offs’. Though you could clump the black footwear together, each serves a different purpose, whereas the two pair of combat boots serve the same purpose, but can be switched up depending on my outfit and mood. If I was to buy more footwear, I would be inclined to repeat the style of sneaker or combat boot, but in a different colour - rather than seek out a different style of black footwear.

What about you? What styles do you repeat? What colours dominate your shoe wardrobe?