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19 2 years ago by Inge

Welcome to "Book Club"

Recent Conversations
4 6 hours ago by Firecracker

Women in Clothes

17 1 month ago by thimblelina

'Women & Fashion' book discussion opens today!

3 1 month ago by Angie_T

Looking for a volunteer to moderate the book group starting Oct 1

53 2 months ago by Gracie

"Women in Fashion": Book talk begins Oct 1

1 2 months ago by Isabel

Toss the Gloss

4 5 months ago by ladywone

The Lost Art of Dress

11 9 months ago by LoveSarahDub

What is your favorite book about style?

3 9 months ago by rachylou

A book by personal shopper Betty Halbreich

16 10 months ago by Wendy45

Color Your Style/The Color of Style, by David Zyla

2 10 months ago by Alexandra

Just finished reading

2 11 months ago by djeegn

Book Recs

5 1 year ago by Sveta

Does an early discovery mean future glory?

4 1 year ago by shevia

Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman

31 1 year ago by shevia

Do you read fashion magazines/books?

9 1 year ago by Agnes

Amazing essay by British Vogue editor. Essential mindfood for thrifters and fashion history aficiona

4 1 year ago by RBS

Ask Angie: Book On fashion Styling

20 1 year ago by Karie

The Truth About Style - Kick-Off Thread

8 1 year ago by rachylou

Book Club reading list?

19 1 year ago by Gaylene

The Truth About Style - Second Meeting

3 1 year ago by KL

Who was looking for the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style?

22 1 year ago by Mo

In your happy place??

6 1 year ago by Karie

A good book about fashion

5 1 year ago by Inge

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton - Kick-off Thread

25 1 year ago by lyn*

Deluxe - How Luxury Lost Its Luster - Kick-off Thread

11 1 year ago by Missey

Already Pretty book

22 2 years ago by Nadya

WIW Sun - accessories challenge, and feeling 'authentic'

9 2 years ago by Suz

WIW Th - accessories challenge, to go grab a bar burger

5 2 years ago by Inge

Vidal Sassoon The Movie - Kick-off Thread

6 2 years ago by alaskagirl

Different chic rock n roll option?

16 2 years ago by JAileen

The Handmaid's Tale - Kick-Off Thread

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