Gardenchick suggested reading and discussing this new book as a group. Is anyone interested? Several people said they might be interested in picking up a copy or looking at it at their library.

Mine has come in. And it looks kind of magical. I love to read (this will be my third book group!), and I love all things graphic, and there are amazing images and handwritten excerpts and all sorts of interesting visuals in this book. Plus, it's beautifully put together (I love the font and the weight of the paper).

There does not seem to me to be an obvious organizing principle to the content (although it might become clear), so I would suggest that perhaps we decide to read a certain chunk by a particular date and then weigh in with comments. It's 497 pages long (but again, pictures!).

I was thinking perhaps the first 103 pages would be a good starting chunk.

Is anyone interested? And how much time is reasonable for that amount of reading?