(Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this!)

I was wondering if those of you who have read David Zyla's book, The Colour of Style (now called Colour Your Style, I think) have managed to establish your 'true colours' using the instructions he gives in the book?

[For anyone who remembers my plaintive post a while back about how I absolutely must reduce the amount of stuff in my wardrobes (well, roomsful of clothes and shoes actually) following a traumatic move from a huge house to a tiny flat, reading this book wasn't just procrastination (no, really!): the idea was that if I were to become persuaded that only a small number of colours suit me (which at a stroke probably excludes a large proportion of my clothes, given my penchant for black and white) that would make it very easy to let go of lots of stuff. Genius! Actually, in a way it has worked in one sense, in that having read David Zyla's book, I am now so flummoxed that I don't feel like buying anything new at all until I get to grips with what David Zyla might deem my colours to be. Not buying anything new is a good start, right?!]

Anyway, about the book...

I find the idea of the 'true colours' fascinating and useful in principle, but in practice I have no idea what Zyla would say my three eye colours are, because they never seem to be the same colours twice, no matter how carefully I try to avoid reflections from other coloured things etc. Has anyone whose eyes seem to change colour quite considerably depending on light, what you're wearing, what you're looking at, etc, succeeded in coming up with their three eye colours as per David Zyla's book?

Then there is the colour of my veins. I think it is predominantly blue, though I can see a reddish-purplish one, yet purple makes me look ill, and green (or at least some greens) definitely suits me, despite the lack of green veins. (Could it be that my skin is most definitely cool-toned, not warm, but my freckles and hair are warmish golden toned, and the green sort of harmonises the coolness and the warmness?)

Another problem I have with the book -- which I hasten to add I did find fascinating and am very glad to have read it, my issues notwithstanding -- is the he first appears to say that ones 'season' depends on the colour of one's blushing skin (though I could not tell which description fits mine despite having no trouble seeing the colour)... then later he links this to personality characteristics. For me, that seems a bit tendentious to put it mildly (for me it makes about as much sense as astrology or other cranky nonsense), but even if it did make sense, again, I have not the slightest idea which season or which archetype Zyla might deem me, and reading the descriptions in no way helps, since I could relate to many of them. Which reminds me of cold reading... (And I may be misremembering here, but I think Zyla said that he could tell a person's season and/or archetype just by talking to them on the phone for 5 minutes, never having seen them or a photo of them. So is it a personality thing or determined by the colour of the blushing skin? To me those are unrelated but perhaps I have misunderstood?!)

If you have read the book, and better still if you have done the colour analyses Zyla suggests, I would love to hear how you have got on with the book.

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