I want to share with you a reading I have been doing that is having an unexpected positive impact on my style journey. I picked up the book The Cool Factor https://www.amazon.ca/Cool-Fac.....157965648X . At first I didn't want to spend the 40$ it costs, but now I'm glad I did. It's packed with fun ideas that are more about how to wear stuff rather than what stuff to wear. The women featured are all in my age bracket, and are all sublimely, effortlessly stylish. Most don't wear much make-up and display slightly unkempt hair but emit this deliberate, impertinent poise with what looks like natural elegance. In the book, all this is dissected quite precisely, which prompted me to look again at my own wardrobe.

I realize I might have been dwelling in a style rut for the last year or so. Part of the explanation is the fact that I will turn 50 in 2018. Unlike the changes of adolescence, this time every milestone has to be resolved by self love and acceptance of loss. I am sure many of you know what I mean.

This reading is infusing a more than welcome new breath to my style. It's more about mojo than about looks, which is the direction I want to take, and I think the only winning one. I am stepping into a new phase of life, it's like a new level in a video game if you will: new challenges, but also more exciting. When I was younger, I felt I had to decode everybody else's rules and play by them; this time around, I feel I am making my own rules. It's as liberating as it is scary.

Here are some style changes this book have inspired:

- Wear my silver jewelry, and pile it on! For me, this strategy works. I am blessed with a type of body that works well with adorning my wrists with ridiculous amounts of cuffs. I find it offsets my (relatively) enlarged biceps and shoulders I get from being a mature woman who works out. Wrists are a new area of my body I am discovering.

- Leather tights - I already owned a neglected pair of simili-leather black cigarette pants I had been lucky enough to find at Winners a few years back. It was slowly creeping its way to the donation box but is now back in my drawer.

- Unexpected combination of very strict and very delinquant in the same outfit yields to sure winners.
Examples of strict: classic blazers, pencil skirts, button downs, suits...
Examples of delinquant: runners, tees, rolled-up anything, non-matching earings, socks in heels, ripped anything, knotting shirts and tees, rocker tee, rebellious jewelry, you get the picture.

There are many more ideas in the book. To me, identifying with "cool" seems to be the ticket out of my rut. What I am liking of this experience is the unexpected pull of inspiration I got, and the fact that no further expense is generated, since it encourages me to wear what I already have in a new way.