Hi all,

Oct 1 is the day we had planned to start discussing the book Women in Clothes. As it turns out, I will be traveling for work this week and probably scarce next week as well due to my work schedule. Renee, aka Gardenchick, who was also behind this idea, is also on the forum less right now due to her schedule. (Sorry to Bait and Switch, or Hit and Run, or whatever vaguely crime-related metaphor you wish to slap us with!)

Is anyone interested in being responsible for posting the question on Oct 1 and getting the discussion underway? I'm not sure how much actual "moderating" will be required. I suppose that will be entirely up to you, as we haven't at all set any kind of process for how to handle the discussion.

I plan to read on my flights this week and hope to log on enough to post a thought or two -- but I would love for someone to step up and get this going. Thanks in advance!!!