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Weekly Roundup: Sleeved Spring Blouses

I’m thrilled to see Spring 2015 open with a larger assortment of blouse silhouettes. For a few seasons now, blouses have looked a tad basic and straight, with little variety in shape, fabric or colour. That’s changing now, with some thanks to the boho chic trend.


Puffer Coats

Top picks across a range of colours, lengths and styles.

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Statement Sweaters

A large roundup of pullovers that go beyond basic.

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Olive Items

A selection of wardrobe items across many shades.

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Sleeved Midi Dresses

Frocks that are sleeved, longer length, and fit well.

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Dressier Casual Items

Casual pieces that lean slightly towards dressy.

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featured ensemble · 1/23/2015
featured ensemble

Tomato Red, Light Blue & White

This ensemble was inspired by my own wardrobe pieces and my love for the combination of tomato red, light blue and white. Since the blue is light, the combination is less nautical and less evocative of the American flag than it would be with a darker blue. There are many ways to combine the palette and I’ve started the ball rolling with four examples. None of these ensembles are particularly dressy, but they are quite versatile. Faded denim can be used as the light blue component of the ensemble, and white footwear is an easy way to incorporate the white accents. I’ve chosen solids, but feel free to incorporate patterns that work with the palette.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Tomato Red, Light Blue & White
Angie's latest top picks

These are Angie's picks. You can collect items for your own wishlist or shopping list using YLF Finds. If you are logged in, you can collect the items right here by clicking the icon. Read more about using YLF Finds here.

recent outfit · 1/14/2015
featured outfit

Monochromatic Modern Classic

This outfit is an example of a formula that I wear very frequently because it’s simple, comfortable, practical, warm and just fashionable enough. It combines a pair of jeans with a fluid pullover, pair of on trend booties, a belt, clutch and coat. No scarf or jewellery, apart from a watch, wedding ring and my specs. It’s both a fast fall back outfit, and my casual uniform.

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fashion trend · 12/18/2014
featured trend

The Big Patterned Cardigan

My clients with a bohemian aspect to their style, across all heights and body types, are enjoying big, patterned cardigans. These unstructured cardigans are fluid or oversized, patterned and very warm and cosy. They’re available in tunic and maxi lengths with long or three quarter sleeves.

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Fashion Trend - The Big Patterned Cardigan
style advice · 10/21/2014
featured advice

How to Layer Shirts Under Knitwear

Layering pullovers over shirts is so much more comfortable and easy to pull together in our current fashion era of fluid and oversized fits. The concept of creating a look that is just flattering enough, instead of one that is strictly conventionally flattering, further solidifies the combination as a stylish option. You actually want the layers to be somewhat boxy as opposed to formfitting.

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