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Ensemble: Black, White and Light Blue

I mentioned in a recent post about pastels that I enjoy the soft shades combined with black and white together. That way you keep the bold of the black and the freshness of the white. I particularly like black and white worn with light blue. And faded denim can be used as the light blue component of the ensemble, which instantly makes the combination more wearable.


Puffer Coats

Top picks across a range of colours, lengths and styles.

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Statement Sweaters

A large roundup of pullovers that go beyond basic.

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Olive Items

A selection of wardrobe items across many shades.

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Sleeved Midi Dresses

Frocks that are sleeved, longer length, and fit well.

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Dressier Casual Items

Casual pieces that lean slightly towards dressy.

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featured ensemble · 3/20/2015
featured ensemble

Drapey Black with Leggings

Some of my clients like to wear very dark outfits in warm weather, which is why the Eileen Fisher looks caught my eye. The point is to create a dark column of colour from top to toe that is fitted on the bottom and loosely drapey on top. If wearing a black top and bottom is not your thing, substitute the top with ink blue or charcoal.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Drapey Black with Leggings
Angie's latest top picks

These are Angie's picks. You can collect items for your own wishlist or shopping list using YLF Finds. If you are logged in, you can collect the items right here by clicking the icon. Read more about using YLF Finds here.

recent outfit · 3/19/2015
featured outfit

Sea Foam and Wild Cards for Spring

For as long as I can remember, Autumn has been my favourite season. But two years of stunning Spring weather in Seattle have allowed it to claim the top spot. The trees are blossoming, the sun is out, the weather is mild, and the birds have lots to say. On top of that, the current Spring styles, Spring colours and the enormous variety at retail are tickling my fancy. I’m enjoying shopping even more than I normally do in the Fall. Wow, that’s quite a change.

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fashion trend · 3/17/2015
featured trend

The Espadrille Trend

Espadrilles are an iconic classic, which gives them a high longevity factor (much like Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers). Some seasons though, espadrilles gain momentum and become more fashionable, like they are doing for Spring and Summer 2015. This was not a trend that I forecasted or expected to see, so it’s been fun being caught by surprise.

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Fashion Trend - The Espadrille Trend
style advice · 10/21/2014
featured advice

How to Layer Shirts Under Knitwear

Layering pullovers over shirts is so much more comfortable and easy to pull together in our current fashion era of fluid and oversized fits. The concept of creating a look that is just flattering enough, instead of one that is strictly conventionally flattering, further solidifies the combination as a stylish option. You actually want the layers to be somewhat boxy as opposed to formfitting.

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