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Taller Ankle Booties with Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing booties with boyfriend jeans and relaxed skinnies is a great look for Spring, Autumn, and a mild Winter. Rolling the hems to give the outfit structure and interest is part of the boyfriend jeans charm, but it also shortens the inseam.


Transitional Pieces

For Fall or a mild Winter: A roundup of transitional pieces across an assortment of colours and styles.

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Low Heeled Refined Booties

Beautiful booties that might justify breaking the bank.

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Dark Red Booties

Shades of dark red across a range of styles and price points.

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Sleeved Dresses

Hard to find sleeved dresses are starting to filter through.

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Cognac Accents

Add a cognac accent to your wardrobe for Autumn and Winter.

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recent outfit · 9/16/2014
featured outfit

My Casual Uniform for Early Fall

We have been enormously lucky with the weather in Seattle. We had the highest Summer temperatures on record in July and August, and the start of September is as mild as can be. The crisp Fall air has arrived, and I need a topper in the mornings and evenings. I also need to keep my feet cozy with booties or flat oxfords. But the days are sunny and warm at the moment, which means that a long sleeved shirt layered with a camisole is a comfortable option for up top. It’s a novelty for me to leave off my topper so frequently, and I’m loving it.

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Angie's latest top picks

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featured ensemble · 9/12/2014
featured ensemble

Denim Skirt Refresher

This ensemble was inspired by a very positive reaction to the denim skirts fringe trend. There are countless ways to style a denim pencil skirt, but I’m kickstarting your creative process by suggesting three easy outfit combinations. They all combine trendy and classic pieces, refreshing the look of the skirt. I’ve used mostly neutrals with a hint of colour, but feel free to choose a palette that is more to your taste.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Denim Skirt Refresher
fashion trend · 9/8/2014
featured trend

Denim Skirts Make a Fashionable Comeback

Denim skirts, especially in pencil silhouettes, were completely mainstream for decades, and quite a popular silhouette. As recently as seven years ago, many of my clients were wearing denim pencil skirts. It was a particular favourite during Fall weather, combined with a pair of tall boots, pullover and jacket. Since then I saw the appeal of the denim skirt diminish as my clients moved towards regular jeans. They also became a scarce commodity at retail.

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Fashion Trend - Denim Skirts Make a Fashionable Comeback
style advice · 8/13/2014
featured advice

How to Wear Dresses with Flat Footwear

Gone are the days when heels higher than an inch was the best footwear option for dresses. In fact, these days it’s more fashion forward to pair flat footwear with dresses and skirts.  Plus, flats or heels of an inch or less can effectively dress down an outfit. It’s unexpected, refreshing, and for many an extremely comfortable option.

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