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Ensemble: Summer White & Brown

This ensemble was inspired by a classic Summer combination: white with touches of brown. There are many, many possibilities, both in casual and dressier combinations, but I’ve put together four options to get you started. All shades of brown will work. And feel free to use cheetah, giraffe, or leopard print footwear and accessories as your nod to brown.


Spring and Summer Tops

Dressier with business separates or dressed down with jeans.

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Crisp Jackets

Fabulous with trousers for business, or with jeans for smart casual.

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Fluid Tops

Roomy, fluid fits for Spring across a variety of styles.

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Not So Basic Tees

A little extra design detail means stylish sans topper.

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Boyfriend Jeans

Here are my top picks of boyfriend jeans from Nordstrom.

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featured ensemble · 7/25/2014
featured ensemble

Ink, Brown, Grey and Black

This ensemble was inspired by four magnificent neutrals that are finally coming together for Fall 2014. We’ve seen black and grey dominate retail for many, many seasons. Dark blue made a stylish return a few years ago and continues to gain momentum. And brown is making a fashionable comeback after laying low for seven years.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Ink, Brown, Grey and Black
Angie's latest top picks

These are Angie's picks. You can collect items for your own wishlist or shopping list using YLF Finds. If you are logged in, you can collect the items right here by clicking the icon. Read more about using YLF Finds here.

recent outfit · 7/9/2014
featured outfit

Birthday White-Out

I turn 44 today and am fabulously blessed. My laughter lines represent my love for life. I have wonderful friends, amazing parents-in-law, an incredible Papa, and a husband who is my soulmate and the best of everything. Plus, 2014 fashion is sublime. I’m having so much fun with my personal style and working with clients.

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style advice · 6/16/2014
featured advice

Topper with a Sleeveless Dress: Don’t Do It, But Here’s How

The problem is that sleeveless dresses were meant to be worn without a topper, so more often than not look best that way.

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fashion trend · 6/9/2014
featured trend

Sporty Luxe: A Seemingly Unstoppable Trend

Sporty Luxe went mainstream a few years ago, and has grown into one of the biggest trends of our fashion era. Judging by what I saw coming down the catwalks for Fall & Winter 2014 and Resort 2015, it is only gaining momentum. We’ve reached the point where we can create a completely fashionable outfit based on items from sporting goods stores like Lululemon, Adidas and Nike. What was considered a faux pas ten years ago has become on trend today. And surprisingly, Sporty Luxe is probably the most popular trend among designers for their personal style.

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Fashion Trend - Sporty Luxe: A Seemingly Unstoppable Trend