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Happy Thanksgiving

We’re on holiday in sunny Kwazulu Natal, South Africa at the moment and therefore not celebrating a traditional American Thanksgiving with friends. Spending quality time with Greg’s parents reminds me how thankful I am to have such wonderful parents and parents in law, so I’d like to dedicate this post to them.


Dressier Casual Items

Casual pieces that lean slightly towards dressy.

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Casual Wear

Casual pieces that can be dressed up or down to suit you.

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Interesting Neutral Items

There are many beautiful neutral pieces in stores right now.

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Fun Wool Coats

Across an assortment of styles, colours and lengths.

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Current Cardigans

Opt for a current style rather than a classic cropped round neck.

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featured ensemble · 11/21/2014
featured ensemble

The Dramatic Maxi Cardigan

Maxi cardigans that are longer than knee-length are a fringe trend at the moment. When they’re in a fine gauge knit they remind me of the ’90s. The refined lightweight gauge of the knit tends to offset the overwhelming silhouette, so I vote try those first, especially if you’re petite. Chunky maxi cardigans tend to overwhelm the wearer more easily.

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Ensemble Style Advice - The Dramatic Maxi Cardigan
Angie's latest top picks

These are Angie's picks. You can collect items for your own wishlist or shopping list using YLF Finds. If you are logged in, you can collect the items right here by clicking the icon. Read more about using YLF Finds here.

recent outfit · 11/18/2014
featured outfit

Glitzy Urban Equestrian

This is my take on the Urban Equestrian formula that I described in a recent ensemble post. It’s version #2, “Glitzy with Tweed & Jodhpur Boots”, and one of my favourite outfits for Fall. It’s less authentically equestrian and darker than the more classic version I recently wore with white jeans and a pink clutch. I don’t usually prefer a darker outfit, but in this case the gold jeans, cognac accents, green specs and redder lipstick go a long way to brightening up the black and grey.

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fashion trend · 11/4/2014
featured trend

The Lug Sole Trend

A lug sole is a “thick rubber sole with deep indentations that improves the stability and traction of utility wear”. It is common in hiking boots and the like for practical reasons. Over the years, casual fashion footwear has adopted the lug sole as a fun design feature. Lug soles probably made the biggest fashion statement back in the ‘90s when just about every style of footwear could be bought with a lug sole. Since then, the trend took a backseat, although it seems to be gaining momentum now.

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Fashion Trend - The Lug Sole Trend
style advice · 8/13/2014
featured advice

How to Wear Dresses with Flat Footwear

Gone are the days when heels higher than an inch was the best footwear option for dresses. In fact, these days it’s more fashion forward to pair flat footwear with dresses and skirts.  Plus, flats or heels of an inch or less can effectively dress down an outfit. It’s unexpected, refreshing, and for many an extremely comfortable option.

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