These outfit ideas are for Team Long Shorts, which are having a fashion moment. If you prefer wearing shorter shorts, create similar looks with your preference of inseam length. If you enjoy wearing long shorts, wear them whether they are on trend or not. Remember that almost anything goes these days when you wear it with confidence, ease, and a happy heart.

Onto the outfit inspiration.

1. Drapey and Silky

A pair of silky, drapey and pleated olive Bermuda shorts is combined with a knitted halter neck sweater, and white fisherman sandals to match. A long chunky black pendant necklace is the accessory of choice, which matches the hair of the model, and the soles of the sandals. I see a black, whiskey, or white bag complete the look.

Drapey and Silky

2. Patterned Cotton, Tank, Birkies

A pair of super casual, long patterned cotton shorts is combined with a dark fluid V-neck tank top that’s semi-tucked to lengthen the leg line from the hips upwards. Metallic soft slides are the relaxed finishing touch. Add a casual bag to match.

Patterned Cotton Tank Birkies

3. Bermudas and Docs

A pair of dressier black Bermuda shorts is paired with a grown-on sleeved floral shirt. It’s fully tucked to showcase the tailoring of the shorts. Iconic black Dr. Martens boots add a hard edged and ‘90s vibe to the outfit. I see a black belt bag complete the look.

Bermudas and Docs

4. Slouchy and Slubby

A pair of slouchy cinnamon belted and pleated summery long shorts is paired with a brown long sleeved slubby cotton tee. The top is tucked to temper the slouch. Dainty and flat tan thong sandals are the hot weather shoes of choice. Hoop earrings and sunnies do a great job of finishing off the look. Add a earth-toned bag if you like.

Slouchy and Slubby

5. A Bit of Dressy

Last is an assortment of long shorts with a dressier integrity. Denim co-ords and shorts suits are completed with dressy shoes and bags. There are belts, sweater sets, waistcoats and blouses too. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.