These seasonal items have been winners on my clients, and some were winners for me. Some of the items are coming in at smashing prices. It’s a great improvement seeing a range of natural fibres in collections this year as opposed to endless polyester. Long may that last. 

1. The Loft and WHBM Blue Items

If you’re a cobalt blue fan, there’s a fair amount of it in stores across solids and patterns at the moment. Items at the Loft impressed me quite a bit. The eyelet skirt is as pretty as can be, and has woven and knitted tops to match. The pants, top and dress in the Corfu Weekend pattern are made of gorgeous fabric. A linen viscose that feels super soft and glorious against the skin. The can print shirt is made of a linen and viscose too, and is delightful. The items from WHBM are in slate, greyed blues that have been particularity popular for clients with silver hair. The sateen blazer is fitted with sharp shoulders, and you might need to size up.It has a waistcoat and trousers to match. The ruched front maxi skirt is made of viscose spandex yet feels like technical fabric, which you either like, or you don’t.

2. Silk Neck Scarf

I’m in the mood to wear a very small scarf, and found a neckerchief that hit the right notes. It had to be patterned, green, made of natural fibres, super soft, machine washable, small and not too long, and extremely lightweight. For 100% silk and $15, I scored. I wanted it to go with my new green moto, which I’m showing in the forum. It’s a great match.

The neck scarf comes in many colours and patterns, and is nicely packaged. Could make a lovely gift.

3. Paul Green Shoes

Paul Green shoes are generally fabulous, but pricey. The retro Tilly sneakers that I like and find comfortable seem particularly expensive, which is annoying. That said, they eventually go on sale, so if you can wait and are lucky to nab your size at sale time, so much the better. The Tanya slingback sandal has a few rough reviews, yet they are winners on some of my clients. They don’t run as wide as some mentioned, and the quality is beautiful. The buckle placement wasn’t problematic either. If you like the sandal, best you try it to see for yourself. I also have my eye on the Taylor loafer in orange and beige, which was a good and comfortable fit with the addition of some insoles. They stayed put on my feet.

4. WashLab Skirt

This skirt is a repeat top pick for three seasons because it’s pleased many clients and a couple of friends. Great reviews for good reason. It’s interesting, super comfy, soft, quite stretchy, and glides over the curves of your body in an attractive way. Available in sizes 25 to 34, across a range of neutrals. Might run a size big. It’s long, does not come in petites, and is not easily hemmable. I’m 5ft 6 and it’s a midaxi length on me.

I tried this skirt in blue denim, and although it would need to be altered on the hips and waist to fit perfectly, something else about it felt off. It finally dawned on me that I should try this skirt in WHITE denim. As soon as I tried it on in white, the planets aligned. I’m excited to wear it once it’s back from alternations.