If you enjoy wearing black and white patterns, you might like the visual effect of wearing a couple of them together in one outfit. The outfits here showcase the combination of a bold black and white pattern with a more subtle one. Gingham with a high contrast stripe, and a chevron stripe with a pinstripe. This is one way to remix two-toned patterns.

Of course, you can remix two bold patterns, or two quiet black and white patterns instead. The white component can be off-white, cream or tan, and not optical white. The black component can be navy. Here are more examples.

1. Stripes and Stripes

This trendy classic look remixes an on trend pair of almost puddle length wide leg off-white and black pinstriped pants. It’s paired with a sweater in a bolder black and white stripe. The lot is topped with a short black moto jacket. Black sandals and bag complete the look. I’d have preferred to see shoes with covered toes like pumps, booties, oxfords, mules, or loafers, although sandals work too.

Stripes and Stripes

2. Stripes and Floral

This rendition remixes two patterns in the same black and cream palette. One is a stripe and the other a floral. The striped sweater is tucked into the floral flared skirt. A black complement of belt and heeled sandals complete the look. Throw in a black or cream bag.

Stripes and Floral

3. Dots, Abstract and Bits of Blue

In this version, a black and white polka dot tunic is worn over a pair of solid black leggings. A scarf in a black, white and BLUE pattern tops the look and creates a fab pattern mixed effect. The subtle, yet effective addition of a bit of blue adds another interesting detail. If you like to wear blue, adding it breaks up the expanse of black and white. Blue jeans instead of black leggings will pick up the blue, and work well too. Black sandals match the black in the outfit and bookend the model’s hair. Add a bag that matches the palette, or throw in a mismatched colour to rock the boat.

Dots, Abstract and Bits of Blue

4. Dots and Loose Geometric

The last outfit combines a pair of lantern pants in a tan and black loose geometric pattern with an OLIVE and black knitted V-neck top. The top’s tailored silhouette tempers the volume of the bottoms. The black component of the top matches the black component of the bottoms, which allows the eye to rest and pulls the look together. Black cage heeled sandals add a dressy and summery touch. A black or tan bag would work well. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Dots and Loose Geometric