You are on Team Spring if you prefer dressing for Spring rather than Summer, and vice versa. Spring temperatures are cooler, which you might prefer, or not.

Spring is by far my favourite time to shop. I love the colours, all the whites, the weights and textures of the clothing, the vibrant and happy patterns, the crispness of the fabrics, the footwear that is neither sandal nor boot. And that silhouettes are reasonably covered before stores are full of skimpier clothing for hot Summer weather.

Spring weather in Seattle is all over the place. It can be cold, wet, damp, grey and windy. Snow is not out of the question. It can also be mild, sunny, absolutely gorgeous, and even as hot as a Summer’s day. When we have what I call proper Spring weather in Seattle — warm, mild, dry and sunny — it can’t be beat. I love dressing for that weather. It’s perfect for white jeans, light layers, and closed shoes. My faves.

That said, I also love wearing my Summer dresses, cotton and linen pant co-ords, pretty Summer tops, and gladiators or ankle strap flats. The carefree and relaxed vibe of Summer dressing that does not require layers is close to my heart too.

I can’t decide, and I’ll be on the bench. I’m serving a tasty Spring meal today too. Celery and leak brown rice and quinoa, with honey and ginger carrots, and salmon that’s steamed in the oven with coarse salt and herbs. Easter chocolate for dessert.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Spring or Team Summer? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to join me on the bench.