While our loft is being remodelled we have moved into temporary accommodation in the same building. This meant moving my clothing, footwear, and accessories to the temporary unit. It was quite the slog. But we’re fabulously settled into the temporary unit, and are here till about July. 

It was cathartic and enjoyable to pack up and move my entire wardrobe. Here are some thoughts about the process.

Regular Editing Pays Off

I regularly edit my wardrobe, so there was nothing to pass on as I packed. This streamlined the process. Every wardrobe item is loved, and has its place in my life. Three pairs of shoes and jeans are on their way out, but I’m hanging onto them until I can find replacements.

Organized and Neat Storage Pays Off

Every wardrobe item is neatly folded, hung, and stored in a designated and easy-to-reach spot. This made it easy to pack items into gigantic reusable moving bags. I have a small jewellery collection, which I keep in a Chinese wooden box on the bedside table. It was simple to move it to our temporary accommodation.

Item Appreciation

As I packed each item I was filled with gratitude and appreciation for my fab-for-me wardrobe. I feel fortunate to have a functional wardrobe that fulfills my needs, prevents boredom, and makes me happy. I enjoyed seeing how old, and very old wardrobe items are keeping up with the momentum of the new.

More Items Than Expected

You don’t think you have as much as you do until you need to pack it up and move it out. Despite my moderately sized and well-edited wardrobe, I was surprised at how many moving bags it filled. At times I thought, I am never shopping again. On that note, I intend to shop very minimally, if at all during our remodel. 

Four Seasons at Once

The weather in Seattle from March to July is variable. It can be damp, grey, icy cold, very wet, and awfully windy. It can also be gorgeously mild, sunny, and hot from time to time. That’s why I packed all my clothing and wardrobe basics, which includes occasion wear and every item of outerwear. I don’t want to be caught off guard needing to purchase something because I put it into storage. To me, that is a waste of time, effort and money. It’s best to have it all with me, and that’s that. That said, I put 30% of my footwear capsule, and 60% of my handbag capsule into storage. I can live without some of my shoes for four months, and need ten out of my twenty-four bags to feel great in daily outfits.

These are the bags I’ll be sporting until we move back into our loft in July. They are currently packed on a shelf by the front door, ready to grab and complement my outfit of the day.

Moved Bags

We also moved Greg’s entire wardrobe, and put some of his shoes into storage with mine. With a bit of planning and forethought, we managed to store and organize our wardrobes extremely well in our temporary unit. Now we have four months to recover from the move before we move everything back into our newly remodelled loft.