If you bat for Team Purple, here are some looks that combine light and dark purple in both bold and subtle ways. I like the interesting colour combinations and attention to detail in these outfits. Maybe they will inspire you too. 

1. Lavender, Tangerine, Chocolate and Cream

A patterned circular skirt in cream, tangerine, lilac and dark brown is combined with a lavender welted sweater that picks up the purple in the skirt. The fluid sweater is shortened by pulling up the welt. The shortened sweater works well with the proportions of the full skirt. The welt adds structure by showcasing some waist definition, which further streamlines the silhouette. Tall cream boots match the cream in the skirt. I see a metallic bag, or a bag that matches a colour in the pattern to complete the look.

Lavender, Tangerine, Chocolate and Cream

2. Lilac, Denim, and White

This outfit remixes casual with dressy. On-trend BIG cuffed jeans at an ankle length are combined with a classic and pretty lilac patterned blouse. A saturated lilac trench coat tops the outfit. It’s left unbelted for an architectural vibe. White sneakers with black trim add a sporty touch. The black bag matches the model’s hair and sneaker trim. Black shoes would work well too.

Lilac, Denim and White

3. Pattern-Mixed Plum

This is a good example of effective colour repetition. A pair of plum patterned jeans is remixed with two more floral patterns. The patterns create chaotic harmony because they share a common warm-toned taupe. This small and important detail is enough to pull the look together. Furthermore, the plum bag repeats the plum of the jeans, while the black shoes bookend the model’s hair. Silhouettes are fashion-forward baggy all over. The jeans scrunch at an extra long puddle length. The outfit is quite the work of art. The bits of bright pink in the shirt are my favourite part.

Pattern Mixed Plum

4. Black, Orchid and Chartreuse

Adding bits of brights to black can work well, and has an ‘80s vibe. Here, a Summery two-piece black dress is artfully colour-blocked with small components of chartreuse and bright purple. Black sandals with silver studs are the finishing touch. Note how the silver studs on the sandals subtly bookend the cascading silver locks of the model. Gorgeous! Add jewellery, a bag, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Black, Orchid and Chartreuse