You are on Team Short Puffer if you prefer wearing shorter puffers to longer puffers, and vice versa. A shorter puffer is no longer than hip length. A longer puffer covers the seat and thighs, and sometimes a fair amount of the lower leg. 

I much prefer wearing short puffer jackets as opposed to longer versions. I find them more comfortable, practical and versatile. Easy to pack and wear. They are well suited to my climate too. I have two short puffers that are in high rotation, and I feel fabulous in them. They fit wonderfully well, look a little cheeky, and the colours make me very happy.

I have a very old long and lightweight thermaball puffer that I used to wear to and from yoga practice. I haven’t worn it in years. I keep it just in case it’s useful for similar sporty settings. The other old long navy puffer is reserved for very cold snowy and icy weather, and consequently doesn’t come out much in Seattle. Only a few times a year. I bat for Team Short Puffer.

Interestingly, I bat for Team Short Puffer Jacket, but Team Long Wool Coat.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Short or Team Long Puffer? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, I’m serving vegetarian skillet pizza with white chocolate praline truffles for dessert.