2024 marks my thirty-second year in the rag trade. I remember my first day at work as a children’s wear designer in 1992 like it was yesterday, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hubs Greg and I recently celebrated twenty-seven years of marriage, and 36 years of friendship. This is our twenty-first year in the US, and eighteenth year of YLF. These things have been constants for long periods of my life, and I’m very grateful for them.

My wish for your style journeys this year is to keep things fun, light-hearted, positive, and a welcome distraction when life is stressful. Don’t take it too seriously! Allow your wardrobe and outfits to give you a therapeutic hug and comforting boost when you’re sad, or out of sorts. Milk the components of fashion and style that give you joy, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Prioritize what is important, and leave the rest. I highly recommend reading these 20 ways you can bring positive energy into your life. I continue to benefit from re-reading them, and you might too.

This year, I wish you an infinite amount of whatever it is that makes fashion and style meaningful to you. Along with laughter, good health, interesting adventures, fun trips, memorable moments, fab friendships, and waking up with peace in your hearts. Speaking of fab friendships, I’m off to see a dear friend next week. It’s been four years and high time that we saw each other in person! To say we’re excited is an understatement. The year will be off to a beautiful start with my beautiful friend.