It’s more of a skirt season than I expected. Go Team Skirt! Lengths from micro mini to maxi, and every length in between are on-trend. There are countless ways to style skirts these days as wearers prioritize comfort, work with what they have in their wardrobes, stay warm in Winter, and do their own thing. The results are creative and interesting. 

Here’s a smattering of off-kilter skirt outfits. Combinations are unexpected, playful, interesting, and in many ways quite practical. Some looks are more structured than others.

Juxtaposing dressy items with casual ones is one of the defining themes of our current fashion era, so you’ll see a lot of that. Statement socks are on-trend so you’ll see a lot of that too. There’s pairing body warmers, puffers, and belted jackets with skirts. Wearing neckties with shirts. Bomber jackets with ball gowns. Cowboy boots with corporate skirts. Oversized layers with pleats, sweatshirts with bling, and plaid tops with sequin skirts. Any type of footwear goes. From heeled pumps, strappy sandals, and dressy tall boots, to booties, stompy boots, riding boots, western boots, flats, loafers, Mary Janes, mules and sneakers.

On to outfits that might inspire your styling techniques. Choose any colour palette.

1. Puffered Sequins

A sequin pencil skirt is paired with a fitted, sheer and tucked mesh turtleneck. A bright, short and fitted cobalt cardigan is buttoned through and worn as a top. Its V-neck allows the mesh top to shine through. Black opaque tights and pumps give the effect of tall dressy boots, and bookend the model’s black hair. The lot is topped with a very short and shiny black puffer jacket. It’s worn open to showcase the blue cardigan.

Puffered Sequins

2. Shirted Sweatshirt

Wearing fashion sweatshirts with all sorts of skirts is a way to dress them down. They can also be more breezy and comfy than a woolly sweater. This look combines two casual pieces with three dressy ones. The sweatshirt and sporty skirt are very casual. The button-through shirt, structured bag, and mules are dressy. I like how the white shirt picks up the white slogan on the sweatshirt, and adds a crisp and strict touch. I’d have left the sweatshirt untucked for a relaxed vibe. The black complement of shoes and bag works well with the model’s hair.

Feel free to leave off the shirt, and stick to sweatshirt and skirt. Add bling to dress things up.

Shirted Sweatshirt

3. Cosy Satin

A buttery and dressy satin bias-cut skirt is paired with a cosy, long and roomy burgundy pullover. I’d have scrunched the sleeves to create structure because “skin = structure”. That said, when it’s cold, arm coverage is fab. The long sweater gives the silhouette a dropped-waist integrity. Black fishnet hosiery adds a textural touch. Wearing sandals with hosiery is on-trend, although feel free to wear closed shoes. The gold sandals here work well with the buttery tone of the skirt. I see a gold necklace of sorts to finish off the look.

Cosy Satin

4. Maximal

This is genius outfit composition, and as maximal as a festive Christmas tree. It may not be your cup of tea, yet its creativity deserves appreciation. Wild, and to my eye successful pattern, colour, texture, and proportional silhouette mixing. A red and white button-through shirt is worn under a cream Scottie Christmas sweater. Those layers are worn over a billowing blue and green tartan taffeta skirt. Red socks are worn inside black and cream haute hiking boots with red laces to match. The cream vamps of the boots match the cream sweater and pearl earrings. The lot is topped with a short black sequin jacket, and red tartan scarf tied inside the shirt collar. The black in most of the outfit components helps pull the look together. The only thing missing is a terrier under the wearer’s arm.