You see a scarf that pulls at your heartstrings, and your emotions take over. The pattern or colour is absolutely gorgeous, and you commit to purchasing it right away. You pull off the tags, pack it away, and it patiently waits to be worn with the right outfit. 

You’re excited to wear the new scarf, only to find that the pattern or colour placement doesn’t look as gorgeous when it’s tied around the neck. The components of the pattern or the colours of the pattern that drew you in, disappear in the knotting. Or the shape of the scarf is odd and doesn’t work the way you thought it would. Sometimes the fabric can be overly thick, thin, or slippery.

This has bitten me in the bottom before, so these days I tie the scarf around my neck the way I envisage wearing it and look in the mirror before making the purchase. You should also make sure that the pattern and colours create the same magic on your body as they do when you hold the darling in your hands. If you like the way the scarf looks, lies, ties, and feels when it’s properly knotted or draped on your body, you’re in business.

I’ve bought patterned scarves with borders that are absolute works of art, but don’t look great when they’re tied around my neck. I’ve purchased scarves with asymmetrical ends that don’t knot or drape well at all. Scarves that are too long to comfortably tie around my neck in a neat and tidy way is another common problem. And square scarves can be tricky. Now I know better. Tie the scarf before making the purchase.