Sneakers are the shoe of our fashion era. I can’t think of a shoe that is worn more frequently by people around the world than some form of athletic or fashion sneaker. Today we’re discussing your colour preferences for sneakers. Note that any type of sneaker counts. White sneakers with a bit of colourful trim count as white sneakers. White can be bright white, off-white, greyed white, or cream. For the purposes of this poll, colourful sneakers include those in black and other neutral colours. 

White sneakers are an iconic classic, especially in the form of simple fashion sneakers that can be worn with just about any outfit. Personally, I love wearing footwear in shades of white, which includes white lo and hi-top sneakers. I have many pairs, and they are essentials for my style. They match my white pearls, white handbags, white belts, and work well with the colour palettes of my wardrobe. I enjoy the crisp and clean addition of white sneakers to my outfits. I like their ‘80s touch too.

Here is my current collection. I have gold, pink, citron, and burgundy sneakers too. The four pairs of white sneakers are worn very frequently. I wear the gold sneakers frequently too. I wear the other colours less regularly. I bat for Team White Sneakers.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team White or Team  Colourful Sneakers. Tell us why and no batting for both teams. I suspect Team Colourful Sneakers will win this poll. If you can’t pick a side, I’m serving Italian capreze with olives, balsamic, olive oil, fresh basil, and hot crusty bread for soaking up the juices on the bench. Heirloom tomatoes are particularly delicious and pretty at the moment and are good on toasted rustic bread too. New York cheesecake with hot tea for dessert.