Artful Home did a great job of showcasing a range of colour combinations this season. These combinations might inspire you to create similar outfits, thereby increasing the versatility of your wardrobe. Some looks are more causal than others. All tops are worn untucked

1. Non-Neutral Column of Colour

Two-piece sets, and especially casual linen sets, are all the rage at the moment as a strong nod to ‘90s fashion. Here’s one in solid purple, where the colours and fabrics of the top and bottom are exactly the same. Roomy cropped lantern pants are combined with a roomy short popover blouse with high-low hem. Metallic sandals are a neutral finishing touch. The patterned bag which has a little purple in it, is a punchy addition.

Non-Neutral Column of Colour

2. Dark Florals with Black

Florals on a black background give them a harder edge. You can wear them with a solid black support act, or throw in a black pinstripe. Here a dramatic asymmetrical draped floral top is combined with pinstriped cropped palazzo pants. Caged sandals, or sandal booties in solid black are the choice of footwear. I’d add a black bag, or one to match a colour in the floral.

Dark Florals with Black

3. Brights and White

Bright and pastel patterned tops look great worn with solid white bottoms. Finish off the look with shoes that pick up one of the colours in the top, like the green slides do here. Or stick to neutral white and metallic for footwear. Add a bag to match. If white bottoms aren’t your thing, try a very light wash faded blue denim, or tan bottoms instead.

Brights and White

4. Earth Tones and Jewel Tones

Last, earth tones can look stellar with jewel tones. Olive, toffee, cinnamon, caramel, paprika, khaki, mustard, forest green, camel, chocolate, and oatmeal can be combined with all sorts of purples, cobalt blue, emerald green, teal, turquoise and ruby reds. Here, a pair of khaki pants and a camisole are combined with a sheer, fluttery and ruffled high-low botanical tunic made up of earth and jewel tones. Black sandals pick up the bits of black in the pattern and bookend the model’s hair. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Earth Tones and Jewel Tones