Here are four colour combinations that might inspire you. If you like the palette, shop your closet to pull together a look that approximates the vibe. You needn’t use the same outfit components if they are not to your taste. Focus on the palette, and substitute the components to taste. You’ll see both patterns and solids. If patterns aren’t your thing, choose solid versions, or vice versa.

1. Toffee, Lilac, and Black

Combine toffee bottoms, like a skirt or pair of pants, with a lilac or lavender top. Top off the look with a complement of black consisting of a jacket, shoes, and bag. Or you might like to switch things around by wearing black bottoms with a light purple top and a toffee topper. Substitute the black for navy or dark grey if you don’t wear black.

Toffee, Lilac and Black

2. Burgundy, Pink and Orange

Combine a pair of burgundy pants or a skirt with a bright pink top. If the top has orange in it, bonus! Complete the outfit with orange shoes and a bag that works with the palette. Or combine burgundy bottoms with an orange top. Complete that look with a pink complement of shoes and bag.

Burgundy, Pink and Orange

I’ve worn this combination with solids, and loved it. I combined my burgundy suit with an orange top, and shocking pink bag. My shoes were white boots to match my white pearls. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe.

3. White, Pastel Pink, Grey and Black

Grey combined with pastel pink is a classic combination. So is black combined with white. Combine both palettes and end up with something like this. Pattern mixers, this one is for you! Combine white bottoms with a patterned pastel pink, black and white top. Throw a grey topper over the lot and finish off the look with black shoes. Take it a step further with a grey, black and white plaid patterned topper, where the black and white in both patterns pulls them together. Add a black or white bag.

White, Pastel Pink, Grey and Black

4. Orchid and Lime

This is a chaotic floral pattern mix that harmonizes peacefully to my eye. The patterns are the same, except that they are different colourways. Despite the delicious clash, the visual repetition of the pattern allows the eye to rest. The white mules match the white in the orchid pattern. Choose solids instead of patterns if that’s more your thing. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Orchid and Lime