You are on Team T-shirt if you prefer wearing tees to button-through shirts, and vice versa. Note that any type of knitted T-shirt counts. Solid, patterned, graphic, slogan, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, cap-sleeved, fitted, fluid, so take your pick. When it comes to shirts, I mean the button-up variety with collars but in any silhouette, fit, pattern, length, colour, fabric, or pattern. 

I have three T-shirts that I don’t wear that often. But sometimes the slogan tee is dead right as a layering top under a jacket or with a pants suit. Sometimes the stripes are dead right with white jeans or my long denim shorts at the beach with the doggies.

Here are my T-shirts.

I bat for Team Shirt and wear them on a warm Spring day and all Summer long. Shirts are my “T-shirts” and a slam dunk for my body type. They always fit and are easy to incorporate into my style. My long neck likes the collar.

I wear them in straight, fluid, and oversized fits, and tucked or semi-tucked into bottoms unless they are cropped. All are boxy and breezy, and none fitted. I love their crisp woven fabric, the collar for popping, and sleeves for scrunching. I feel polished in a shirt, wear them as casual wear, and enjoy their coverage from the sun.

Here are my shirts.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team T-shirt or Team Shirt? Tell us why. Today you can bat for both teams if that’s what you want.