Following on from my post about the cargo skirt trend, here are some outfit ideas that might inspire you. It was hard to find retail cargo skirt outfit examples that cover the midriff. But with a bit of imagination, you can create your own version of these looks with a similar vibe. The palettes are neutral and earthy, but feel free to switch that up.

1. Summery Black and Olive

Here’s a great and easy way to wear an olive cargo skirt if you enjoy wearing black in the Summer. Combine it with a short and fitted knitted top. If you don’t like fitted black tops, choose a boxy or fluid style but it needs to be short and finish at or a little below the natural waist. No need to showcase midriff skin though. Match the black top with black sandals. These chunky ones have a ‘90s flavour, but a less chunky pair is as fab. Add a bag and hat that matches the palette. Or leave off the hat.

Summery Black and Olive

2. Mini, Tank, Lug soles, Trench

Here’s an interesting mix of lengths. A dark olive cargo mini skirt is paired with a tucked white tank top or tee. It’s topped with a maxi tan trench coat that is much longer than the skirt. Off-white mid-calf lug-soled boots ground the look of the mini and complement the length of the trench. I like how the boots add coverage to the lower legs. If the trench coat were closed, the wearer would be quite covered. Take the trench off indoors where it’s much warmer, and you’re comfortable too.

Mini, Tank, Lug Soles, Trench

3. Blousey

This cargo skirt look is dressier and less utilitarian. Combine a dressier cargo skirt with a shorter blouse. The fitted silhouette here adds structure to the outfit. Feel free to wear a fluid and longer dressy blouse tucked or semi-tucked if that’s more your cup of tea. No need for ruffles or frills if you don’t like them. Pointy-toe metallic wedges, and a clutch to match amp up the dressy vibe of the look.


4. Thrown Together

And last, a casual look that looks as if it was thrown together in a hurry, and works marvelously well. An asymmetrical olive cargo skirt is combined with a cropped earthy patterned sweater. Black mid-calf platform boots add a ‘90s vibe and match the black bag. A stone trench coat tops the lot. Add watch and jewellery as desired.

Thrown Together