Some people are innately stylish. They were born with an aptitude for the skills that make them stylish, and they master these skills over time. For others, it isn’t quite as instinctive or intuitive. But the skillset can be learned with great results. 

When we learn the skills of style, we start to understand why things work or fail. We can apply this knowledge over and over again, saving time and money, and getting more enjoyment from fashion. We can also pass the skills on to others.

Style is a Skillset

We can learn from good teachers, and from our own experiments. Sometimes we learn the most from our mistakes. Practice makes perfect. Healthy habits form. Over time, our style becomes more innate and intuitive.

I’m not a personal shopper for my clients. I never shop without them because they wouldn’t learn from that process. My goal is to help clients become their own fashion stylists. As I work with my clients, I refine my own skillset too.