Greg, Sam, Jo and I will be spending Christmas and New Year’s at home in Seattle. Sam and Jo start getting excited when the tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. When the decorations are up and the lights go on, they play, shout, and tear around the loft, spreading even more good cheer than normal. They are extremely curious about the presents under the tree. They check in on them daily, making sure nothing has happened. Surprisingly, they resist the urge to tear them open. So far, all of the presents are intact, albeit shuffled around by nosy noses.

Like most people, we have little holiday traditions. We take Sam and Jo on long city walks to see the lights and festivities. We get dressed up and go to our favorite Japanese restaurant on Christmas Eve, and come back early to watch Christmas movies. We’ve been invited to spend Christmas Day with dear friends. Things get rowdy and rambunctious at the Cox Castle as Sam and Jo play with their new toys relentlessly. Our quiet Christmas is over.

For the rest of the week the music is blaring while the oven is baking with all sorts of yummies that I only make once a year. We potter around at home, puzzle, tackle some home projects, catch up with friends and family abroad, take Sam and Jo out for outdoorsy adventures, relax, slow down, and try to not think about work and the usual stresses. We so look forward to the end of the year!

We at YLF wish you happy holidays, safe travel, peace in your hearts, slick style, good eats, fun festivities, memorable moments, alone time if you need it, and lots of laughter. We will be taking a break until the new year. Regular blog posting will resume January 3.