This one is for Team Cosy Sweater Dress. These are easy and comfy to wear when you find the right one. I’m focussing on sweater dresses that have some ease, and don’t cling in a way that make you feel self-conscious about your outfit. 

On to some outfit ideas. Choose any colour palette, and insulate the look with thermals, hosiery, knee-high socks, tall boots, jackets, coats, and Winter accessories.

1. Cocooned with Leggings

A cocoon-shaped sweater dress is fab because it’s roomy all over but tapers back at the hem to create some structure. I love how the knee-covering aspect of this style adds warmth. A pair of hectically patterned leggings is worn for leg coverage, and patent grey cowboy boots add an unexpected touch. Fun!

Cocooned with Leggings

2. Belted and Complemented

A neutral cabled sweater dress is a classic, and this one is extra fluid. It’s been belted at the waist to give it some shape, yet the effect is relaxed, and un-clingy. The look is completed with knee-high boots and bag in the same cognac as the belt. The three-piece cognac complement looks awfully polished, neat and tidy, and pulls the look together.

Belted and Complemented

3. Ribbed with a Moto

Although this is a sweater dress that clings to the body, versions that are patterned and made of a thick ribbed knit can be more forgiving than you expect. Make sure there is sufficient length, because fitted sweater dresses tend to creep up. Wearing high-rise panties creates a smoother effect too. Here, the sweater dress is topped with a black moto jacket and grounded with dressy black booties that match.

Ribbed with a Moto

4. All Saints Sweater Slipdress

All Saints has a version of a slipdress and sweater that they offer every season, and here are some examples. The sweaters that are worn over the slipdresses are usually cropped and boxy but some are longer and fitted. The look is completed with black boots, of which most are flat and chunky. In some instances the black boots are refined, pointy, and heeled. If you fancy the vibe, try to create a similar look by wearing a short fluid sweater over a soft and simple midi dress.

5. A ‘70s Touch

And last, here’s a graphic sweater dress with a ‘70s integrity that has been dressed up for an occasion. It has a kaftan vibe to it, giving it its ‘70s touch. Dressy flats and tote in red patent plus red fingernail polish and lipstick are festive and dressy additions. Sparkly necklace and earrings further dress up the look. Glam!

A '70s Touch