Trends come and go, but these days many of them stick around for years, or even decades. And sometimes they repeat themselves. There is always a subset of the current trends that I hope have longevity because they work for my style. I’ll share my list, and then maybe you can share yours in the comments.

My favorite aspect of current fashion and style these days is that almost anything goes. This is liberating, comforting, and more sustainable. There are countless ways to look stylish, and the way that works best for you and your needs is the way to go. Items being dated is itself a dated concept. I thoroughly enjoy when classic and iconic items have their fashion moment. This encourages us to remix the old with the new, remix items in fresh ways, and to hold onto items for longer.

Here are some other trends that I hope have longevity.

Assortment of Low, Mid, and High-Rise Lengths

We’re seeing multiple rise lengths come through in pants, shorts, and jeans, now that lower rises are on the rise. Personally, I don’t want mid and high rises to go while low rises make a comeback. I enjoy wearing all three rise lengths, with something between a high mid-rise and low high-rise being my favourite.

Short Knitwear

Higher rises paved the way for shorter knitwear. I LOVE shorter knitwear because it doesn’t feel and look like it’s weighing me down. I enjoy very boxy styles and fluid fits with welts the most. I can wear shorter knitwear untucked, and it simply rests just below my waist or on my hip bones. There is no need to semi-tuck or tuck to shorten the length. The already shorter sweater length visually lengthens the leg line from the hips upward, which is great when you don’t wear heels.


I prefer my clothing to have ease and room so that I can move freely throughout the day. I don’t wear oversized clothing, but I do like a good dose of fluidity in clothing items. Wider bottoms, A-line dresses, flared skirts, cocoon coats, and tops that don’t outline the contour of my figure. My tailored fits are on the fluid side too. Fluid fits are more comfortable, add a relaxed integrity to my dressy looks, and look elegant to my eye.

Midi and Midaxi Skirts and Dresses

As someone who likes to cover their knees, midi and midaxi skirt lengths are my favourite. As recently as eight years ago, it was almost impossible to find a knee-covering dress or skirt. Now we are spoiled for choice. I hope that never ends.

Fashion Sneakers and Dressy Flats

The ability to stylishly wear a pair of polished, refined, non-athletic sneakers or dressy flats with just about any outfit is one of my favourite trends of all. Not to mention super comfy and practical. It’s a styling strategy I use to successfully dress down my dressy looks, so that I can wear them daily.

Snip-Toed Footwear

My heart is with refined footwear. I adore pointy toes, but a dainty snip toe is my favourite because it’s roomier than a pointy toe, but not as wide as a square toe. As a cousin to on-trend square-toe footwear, snip toes are currently available. I’d be sad to see them go.

Over to you.