Maxi coats are extra-long-length casual and dressy coats. Their hems finish well below the knee, usually at a length between the calf and ankle. They come in all sorts of silhouettes, colours, fabrics, weights, solids, and patterns. Some are very fluid, and others tailored. The collection below shows a range of examples. 

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Maxi coats are gaining momentum because the lengths work well with midi and midaxi dresses and skirts. More importantly, maxi coats are extra warm because of their coverage. They are a good option when Winters are cold, or if you run cold.

On the other hand, people can feel overwhelmed in a maxi coat, which is why they aren’t as popular as shorter lengths. Simply put, too much coat. The extra length can be frustrating and fussy, get in the way when you drive, sit, ride a bike, or stride. Or cause overheating when you run warm. My suggestions to combat some of these challenges is to go for a maxi coat that isn’t quite as long. Opt for mid-calf grazing instead of calf-covering or longer. Second, wear a fluidly tailored silhouette instead of a roomier one.

I have two maxi coats that I adore. Both were bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, one a while ago and the other recently. They are longer on me than what you see in the product photos. The coats cover my calves, whereas on the models they cover their knees. They are maxi coats on me.

I don’t wear heeled footwear, so creating a good-for-me length, and structure in the right places is important. Both maxi coats are fluidly tailored, which helps me feel fab in them. I’d feel overwhelmed if they were much roomier and ankle length. I keep the red as a dressier coat, so it doesn’t come out as often. It’s also heavier and more fitted, so less versatile. The new navy coat was bought as a wardrobe essential to replace an ancient knee-length military coat. It’s roomier than the red and a little more lightweight. It’s working out beautifully and I’m thrilled with it. I am LOVING the maxi length of my new navy wardrobe essential. It’s insulating, looks awfully polished, and has an elegant swagger. I don’t find the maxi length annoying and can comfortably do errands on foot and walk our doggies in these coats. I add a big cashmere scarf tied in a Euro (Hoxton) knot, a crossbody bag, a beanie, and I feel fab.

Visually, I’m finding the long-length coat versatile to wear over wide legs, bootcuts, relaxed straight legs, barrel legs, midis, and midaxi dresses and skirts. There is something about the proportions that works extra well to my eye, maybe because the fluidly tailored length accentuates the vertical. Some of the pants and jeans are cropped, and I pair them with high-shaft boots or hi-tops and trouser socks so that I feel warm, and am completely covered. It’s too cold to show skin.

Long blazers are on-trend and mainstream, but I’m not into wearing  them at the moment. I prefer my blazers on the shorter side. But I love the maxi coat trend. All of a sudden my knee-length coats feel short! But of course, I still wear them and love them.

Over to you. What do you think of the maxi coat trend? Do you wear them?