I read the results of a research paper that showed how orange was the least liked colour in the world. Personally, I love a bright, rich, Dutch and almost luminous orange. I find it mood-lifting, versatile, and flattering against my complexion. I love eating oranges, the smell of oranges, and enjoy orange-flavoured food. Marmalade is by far my favourite jam. I bat for Team Orange.

If you bat for the same team, here are some outfit ideas. Feel free to use burnt orange or a rusty cinnamon instead of bold and bright orange.

1. Orange, Aqua, Olive, Brown, Gold

This palette combines unexpected colours, and I find it beautifully creative. An aqua pullover is tucked into a pair of brown wide leg plaid trousers. The aqua stands alone and is not repeated. It’s adorned with a large olive and brown necklace. The brown is repeated in the pants and the olive is repeated with the gloves. A quilted orange coat tops off the outfit. Orange stands alone as a colour too. The outfit is completed with a gold bag and jewellery. I see brown or gold shoes in the mix.

I LOVE wearing orange with blues like turquoise, navy, and light blue. Here I’m wearing a column of orange with a turquoise bag that matches my specs. I finished off the outfit with white pearls, an oatmeal coat, and cream boots.

Orange, Aqua, Olive, Brown, Gold

2. Orange Pattern

If wearing solid orange feels too much, wear orange in a patterned dress, skirt, top or scarf. Here’s an orange patterned dress with reds, creams, and browns. It’s completed with red boots and bag that pick up the red in the pattern. Easy! Brown or cream boots and bag would work well too.

Orange Pattern

3. Orange, Shocking Pink, Red, Brown

My other favourite way to wear Dutch orange is to combine it with bright pink, all sorts of reds and burgundies, and a peachy toffee. I’ll finish off the outfit with white or cream boots and bag, or throw in an orange or shocking pink bag to match. Sometimes, I’ll wear red boots, and more recently, taupe boots. This collection shows ways to combine these colours.

This collection shows items from my own wardrobe that I combine in a similar way:

4. Orange with Brown

And last, orange is lovely with dark brown, which you can wear as a solid or in a pattern like a check, tartan or plaid. Here, a very fluid orange pullover is paired with brown wide leg pants. The pants have a chocolate brown side seam. Dark brown or taupe boots would have been my choice of footwear, and a dark brown coat to top things off. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired.

Orange with Brown