As the party season approaches I’ll be talking more about casual, smart casual, and dressy holiday attire. To kick things off, I’d like to hear your thoughts on a fringe trend that’s becoming more popular: Wearing hosiery with dressy sandals. 

Any colour of sheer or opaque hosiery can be worn with any colour sandal these days. You can wear fishnet hosiery too. The sandals are dressy and usually low or high-heeled. Here, dressy gold sandals create a high contrast with the black opaque tights. For a less jarring effect, black sandals could be worn with black opaques. Or light opaques could be worn with gold sandals. The gold sandals bookend the model’s hair, which creates cohesion, and I love the drama of the high contrast. Smashing outfit!

Me+Em Reversible Metallic Stripe Pleated Skirt

I doubt I’d wear the combination because I have a hard time finding sandals that fit me well. I find closed-toe dressy shoes much easier to fit, and will stick with those. But I like the combination, and vote yay. I think the effect is interesting, fun, Modern Retro, and has a divine ‘70s integrity, especially when the sandals are platformed. The look gained momentum back in the ‘90s too.

If you don’t have dressy closed-toe shoes, but you have dressy sandals, wearing them with hosiery can make them do double duty in cold weather. That way, you won’t need to buy another pair of dressy shoes.

Over to you. Do you like the trend? Would you prefer there to be a low contrast between the sandals and the hosiery instead of the high contrast shown here? Would you wear the vibe?