Here are three outfits from Boden with on-trend silhouettes that are easy to pull together for Team Cardigan. I particularly like the proportional play of the pieces, the combination of short and long lengths in one outfit, and that loafers are the choice of footwear. Feel free to substitute the loafers for boots if that’s more your cup of tea, and use any colour palette. Add some pattern too.

1. Wide Crops and Maxi Cardigan

A column of colour is achieved with combining a navy blouse with a pair of dark blue wide cropped jeans. You can wear relaxed straights or barrel leg jeans if that’s more your style. The top is tucked, but you can wear it untucked. A chunky mustard maxi cardigan or sweater coat tops the outfit. I like the extreme proportions of the short pants with extra long topper. The silky woven texture of the blouse creates a lovely contrast with the chunky knit of the cardigan. The column of navy adds vertical integrity. Black lug-sole loafers bookend the model’s hair. Sheer knee-highs or socks would prevent cold ankles.

2. Twinning Dress, Cardigan, and V-necks

A column of burgundy is created by combining a flared and tiered midaxi dress with a short V-necked cardigan in similar colours. The cropped length of the cardigan adds structure to the outfit because its hem finishes close to the waistline, which accentuates the waist. The V-neck of the dress and cardigan are complementary. Patterned loafers are an unexpected touch. The black in their pattern matches the model’s hair, which helps pull the look together.

3. Wide Legs and Buttoned-Up Cardigan

Last, a pair of full-length wide pants with a higher rise in a subtle grey plaid is combined with a short classic navy cardigan. The shorter length creates a longer leg line. Notably, the cardigan is worn as a pullover and buttoned almost all the way through. The last few buttons are left unbuttoned for interest, and possibly to prevent bunching. I know that I like to do that so that my buttoned-up cardigan stays smooth when I sit down or bend over. Silver loafers add a festive fun touch, and match the sparkly silver buttons of the cardigan.