Today we’re choosing between two hands-free handbag options. You are on Team Crossbody if you prefer wearing those to backpacks, and vice versa. Note that any size and type of crossbody or backpack counts. If you sling a large belt bag across your body instead of wearing it around the waist, it’s a crossbody bag. 

I bat for Team Crossbody by a billion percent. I wear one every day. Even my dressiest clutches and satchels convert to crossbodies with a strap, which I need in order to keep my hands free. I don’t travel, walk, or hike with a backpack. In fact, I don’t own one at all.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Crossbody or Team Backpack? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side or wear neither, you’re benched. I’ve made grilled Norwegian salmon topped with giardiniera and served it with a dressed green salad, and a medley of cauliflower rice, quinoa, broccoli and carrots. Apple compote and cream for dessert.