As we transition into another season, some of my clients and friends are switching out their wardrobes. That means they pack away what they wore over the last six or so months, and unpack what they plan to wear for the next season. 

The idea behind the switcheroo is to make in-season items more accessible and organized so that they can see the wood for the trees. This helps them choose daily outfits more easily, and keeps their style focussed. Also, some people can only store half of their wardrobe in the available closet space, which means storing out-of-season items elsewhere. You are on Team Switch if you switch out and store your wardrobe seasonally, and on Team No Switch if you don’t.

I am on Team No Switch. I store all four seasons in one closet with the outerwear in a coat closet by the door, and wardrobe basics in a chest of drawers. We live in a loft with very limited storage space so even if I wanted to switch out my wardrobe seasonally, we don’t have the space to support the strategy. I don’t mind, because I’ve always stored my wardrobe this way. I like seeing everything in one place throughout the year.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Switch or Team No Switch? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you’re benched, I’m serving baked and sizzling artichoke and spinach dip with toasted baguette, and fresh figs for dessert.