You may have noticed models wearing knee-high boots that are wide around the calf circumference. The result is that the tops of the boots gape quite dramatically around the contour of the leg. Some versions are more extreme than others. At first, I thought that the models were wearing ill-fitting boots. But actually, the oversized wide fit is intentional and a fringe trend. There has been a lot of it striding down runways.

Gaping Tall Boots

As someone with narrow calves, I am sensitive to my lower legs looking like a stem in a flower pot when I wear tall boots. It is not a visual effect that I like. As a result, my eye hasn’t yet adjusted to the look. I desperately want to close the gap, hide it, or fill it.

When the tops of tall wide boots are covered with midi skirts and dresses, or wide crops so you can’t see the gaping effect, that looks fine. I also like the look of tall wide boots worn over baggy pants, where the fabric of the baggy pants fills the gaping holes. Sometimes thick long socks or leg warmers can fill the holes in similar ways.

Filling the Gap

I currently still prefer the tops of tall boots to fit in a tailored way, which means no gaping, or as little gaping as possible. How about you? What do you think of the trend?