Spring is my favourite season for dressing and shopping, closely followed by Summer. Autumn is not far behind. I’m not a fan of snow, ice, wind, relentless rain, and extreme cold, so Winter shopping and dressing is my least favourite. 

What I look forward to most of all is the changing seasons. After a hot Summer of very breezy cotton and linen rich clothing with lots of patterns, I’m ready to wear heavier fabrics, lots of solids, fitted tops, layers, outerwear, and boots. I also enjoy adding burgundy and a few earth tones to my outfits. Although Winter is not my season, I enjoy wearing Winter accessories like beanies, scarves, and gloves. I also love turtlenecks and long wool coats.

After a cold Winter I am more than champing at the bit to lighten my layers, leave off woolly knitwear, wear the heck out of my white jeans, throw in more pattern, wear shirts and blouses, wear loafers, and sport low-top fashion sneakers with knee-highs. Seattle Springs are cold, so after three months, I’m ready to leave off the toppers, wear Summery skirts and dresses, sport crisp and breezy linen and cotton pieces, wear lots of pattern, feel the morning sun on my bare arms and legs, wear loafers and sneakers without knee-highs, and wear sandals.

It’s the variety that each of the seasons brings to my wardrobe and style that I enjoy the most. As much as I love Spring and Summer fashion, I don’t want to wear it all year, or even most of the year. Same with Fall dressing. And if I had to wear my Winter clothes year round, I’d cry.

Do you enjoy the way your wardrobe, outfits and style changes with the seasons like I do? Or do you prefer dressing for one or two seasons and wish you could dress like that all year?