Years ago, when my pants and jeans were mid and low rise, I wore belts most of the time. I tucked or semi-tucked tops to showcase the belt and thoroughly enjoyed the visual effect. As tops got shorter and rises higher, I began leaving off my belts and wearing short untucked tops. I got very used to not wearing a belt, so much so, that when I wore regular length blouses, shirts, knitted tops, and knitwear that I tucked into bottoms, I was leaving off the belt too. Before, I did not prefer the look of empty belt loops. Now I don’t mind it one bit, and like the simplicity.

I kept my belts even though I wasn’t wearing them. It didn’t take much space to store them, and I had a hunch I’d wear them again. Below is my current belt collection. The white, red and burgundy belts perfectly match shoes and bags I have in the same colours. I kept the brown belts for my horse capsule.

On a whim last month I added the white belt to a couple of my outfits. It was a polished match with a pair of white boots, Summer sandals, and bag. I wore the white belt with red mid-rise trousers, and over a straight light blue column dress to give it some structure. I’ve also worn the red belt with matching loafers a few times. My white belt with gold buckle could do with a refresh. I’d prefer a broader width so that went onto my shopping list. I’m in no rush to get it, and will happily sport the white belt I have in the meantime. As far as dresses and trench coats go, I never stopped wearing the styles with self-belts. They are easy, and look better with their belts installed.

Over to you. Are you back to a bit of belting like me? Maybe you didn’t stop. Or perhaps you are still off belting for the time being.