One-shoulder silhouettes waft in and out of fashion. We see them every season, and especially in formal wear. The silhouette has more momentum some seasons than others, and is especially popular in Summer when it’s comfortable to wear clothing with less coverage. To my eye, one-shoulder dressing is iconically classic, and has been having its fashion moment for a while. The cut is most common in formal and casual dresses, but we’re seeing it come through in jumpsuits, blouses, knitted tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, activewear and swimwear.

Some one-shoulder styles are skimpier than others. Sometimes one shoulder and the arm are bare, and sometimes it’s just one shoulder. Sometimes the shoulder baring component is quite modest, and other times less so. Here are some examples.

One-shoulder dressing probably means you need to wear a strapless bra, which can be annoying, although one-shoulder bras do exist. You can also wear bra cups, bra tape, or go braless if you’re comfortable with those options.

I find one-shoulder dressing stunning. Big YAY. Shoulders are gorgeous and it’s compelling to see them accentuated and uncovered. The asymmetrical aspect is artistic and interesting. There is something unexpected and glam about the vibe, and of course alluring. I like all the iterations.

Despite loving the look, I don’t have any one-shouldered wardrobe items. I’m enamoured with the one-shoulder draped knitwear from Reiss that shows one shoulder but covers the rest of the torso and arms. One of the styles is called “Angie” so that might be a sign. I keep putting the orange and blue in a shopping cart, but chicken out because I fear feeling cold and can’t wear a camisole with the top. Maybe I need to order it and wear it when it’s warm, and finally commit to getting a new strapless bra. I also like one-shoulder swimwear, and will look into that next year when I embellish my beachwear capsule.

Over to you. What do you think of one-shoulder dressing. Would you wear the look, and if not, do you like it on others?