You bat for Team Boutique if you prefer boutique shopping to department store shopping, and vice versa. Online and in brick-and-mortar shopping both count.

Lots of people enjoy shopping at boutiques. They like the uniqueness of the items, the manageable assortment of the offerings, the personal attention of the staff, the quaintness of the experience, and often the higher quality merchandise. 

Lots of people enjoy shopping at department stores. They like the large variety of items, brands, and price points. You can shop for most things in a central location, which is convenient, social, and fast. And if you visit department stores around big holidays, they are beautifully decorated.

I occasionally enjoy boutique shopping when the merchandise matches my sartorial preferences. But I much prefer shopping in department stores online, in person, and around the world. I enjoy the large variety of brands, vibes, items, sizes, colours, patterns, and price points. Most of the time the service, sales, and return polices are great too. My favourite places to shop are the department stores in Japan. Although the grocery areas and florists in these department stores have nothing to do with my wardrobe, they blow my mind, and are the best parts of all. I bat for Team Department Store.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Boutique or Team Department Store? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, or shop at neither type of retailer, sit this one out on the bench where I’m serving sautéed polenta with creamy Portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and Mama Lil’s peppers. Strawberries and cream for dessert.