Today’s top picks are not the most exciting items, but could be just what you’re looking for. They might save your feet at home, and create a better make-up application experience. Browse the colour options and read the reviews. 

1. Dansko Lucie Wool Slipper

If you spend ample time at home, and need a slipper that looks fab and is good for your feet, these are an option. They provide excellent arch support, and have a great outdoor sole so your feet don’t feel too close to the ground. Their subtle wedge adds a lift that can feel soothing for high arches and insteps. Soft, cushioning, and very lightweight. Surprisingly, clients with both high and low volume feet rave about them. Sizes run from US5 to US12. Prices vary across retailers so click through the options. I might try them when my Camper slippers wear out.

2. Riki by Riki Mirrors

If you’re looking for a make-up mirror that magnifies and lights up, Riki mirrors come highly recommend by some of our forum members. Most of them are portable and can be packed away, or taken along for travel. They come in a range of prices, sizes, and metallic backings. Most of the reviews are extremely good, but some complained that the light was too bright, and that it’s hard to charge. Others preferred the Simple Human make-up mirror. I guess you’ll have to take your chances, and return it if it’s unsatisfactory.