Bourjois returns to the UK, a new fashion documentary, and more news from this month’s fashion trenches.

Fashion Quote

When asked if their beauty routines had changed during the pandemic, A Cup of Jo reader replied:

“It’s been a slow realization for me over the past five years, accelerated during the pandemic, that much of my ‘beauty routine’ was about performing a palatable version of myself to other people, not anything I did for me. Sure, doing a lot of beauty things made me feel ‘good,’ but it was a good that came from soothing my anxiety about not being pretty enough, thin enough, ‘put together’ enough. It’s been really liberating to give a lot of it up and to fill up my own internal well of esteem and validation and resilience. And the time I got back! So much time I can use to sleep in, or read, or walk to get a coffee, or go on a hike, or whatever!”