Summer is in full swing in the US, and retailers have a lot more stock than they did this time last year. As stores wrap up end-of-season sales and clear stocks to receive Autumn collections, my clients and friends continue to buy Summer items.  Many are prepping for trips, events and occasions, or simply giving their wardrobes a refresh after two years of limited shopping.

1. Vionic Ella Toe Loop Sandals

Every one of my clients who tried on this sandal was in unexpected awe, even those who said they never wear sandals, and for whom toe loop sandals were a “no way”. Never say never when it comes to fashion and style! This sandal is extremely comfortable, super soft, cushioning, forgiving, and has good arch support. Elegant, and very neat and tidy on the foot. The soles are flat, but solid, and your feet don’t feel too close to the ground. Simply casual and a touch dressy. Versatile.

2. Pearl Jewellery

Anything with a pearl, or pearl-esque finish, is having its on-trend fashion moment. The trend is called Pearlcore. As a daily wearer of pearls, this makes me smile. True to the trend prediction, I see pages and pages of pearl jewellery on sites at the moment, which I don’t recall seeing before. Here’s a selection of pearl jewellery across a range of price points. Classic, edgy, avant-garde, dramatic, subtle, fun or serious. Take your pick.

Lou Heather Ring
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ÉLIOU Maxine Ring
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