FOMO, or fear of missing out, is something most of us feel at some point when we’re shopping, browsing online, or participating on social media. We see all sorts of magical merchandise, and often at discounted prices. We’re tempted to purchase the items because we don’t want to miss out on the fabness that others are experiencing. But items are beyond our budget, sold out, unavailable in our size or colour, don’t work for us, or can’t be shipped to where we live.

The thing is, we should never worry about missing out. There will always be another great item that is perfectly suited to us, other opportunities to score a sublime bargain, and the right time to get that item of our dreams. I firmly believe that as long as we’re patient, we will end up with exactly the right items eventually. And after all, there are things that are more important than any wardrobe item.

Relax into your style journey, and laugh off the ones that get away.