I have an old white denim jacket that is wonderful in every respect, except that its bright silver buttons bothered me. I bat for Team Gold and neither wear silver, nor mix metals. The silver buttons didn’t stop me from wearing the jacket. It’s a Spring and Summer wardrobe essential for my style. But every time I put it on I found myself wishing the buttons were gold.

A while back, forum member Suntiger suggested I coat the silver buttons with metallic gold nail polish. I finally got around to doing that and the results are stellar. No mess, no fuss, inexpensive, and done in two ticks. The buttons aren’t as gold as the nail polish but it successfully removed their cold silver edge. The result is a warm pewter, which works a whole lot better with the palettes of my wardrobe, my gold jewellery, and the gold hardware on my bags. I might give the buttons a second coat at some point to deepen the gold.

Jacket Buttons

Button Closeup

Thanks for the tip, Suntiger. Simple and fast DIY wardrobe upgrades are very satisfying. Do you have some of your own to share?