A new outfit from Greetje Kamminga of No Fear of Fashion, whom we introduced to YLF in October 2017.

Greetje’s one-of-a-kind sweater with the rose stem print looks like a work of art, and steals the show. She’s semi-tucked the sweater into a full midi skirt that drapes beautifully. The skirt has a subtle self-pattern that, together with the sheen of the silky sweater, adds luxe lustre. A bright red belt picks up the vibrant rose colour, and accentuates our blogger’s waistline. Tucking the top and turning back the sleeves tempers the volume of the oversized sweater. Greetje pairs her elegant dressy outfit with chunky white lug-soled booties; an on-trend casual juxtaposition. The white footwear echoes the light sweater, and bookends Greetje’s blonde hair. The red bucket bag matches her belt, as do the statement drop earrings and Greetje’s sassy red lipstick.

Greetje Kamminga - 1

Greetje Kamminga - 2