I’ve been trying to find the right navy tulle mesh skirt that won’t break the bank for years. I saw a great one at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale five or six years ago, but passed because I prioritized other purchases. I wish I’d got it because it’s the type of item that is hard to find when you actually need it. I hope I find a fab tulle skirt this year because I LOVE the way full skirts swoosh and move as you stride. Here are some lovely ones.

Tulle Midi Skirt
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Tulle mesh skirts are dressy, and can be combined with a dressy support act for a formal occasion. But they can also be worn more casually by styling them with relaxed items like a graphic tee, moto jacket, denim jacket, tie-front shirt, cropped sweater, fashion sweatshirt, hoodie, combat boots, cowboy boots, flat boots, riding boots, loafers, gladiators, and sneakers. I intend to wear my tulle skirt in a relaxed way when I eventually get one. I’m excited about twirling around it already.

On to some creative tulle skirt looks with a relaxed integrity. Choose any colour palette.

1. Moto Jacket, Knitted Top, and Heels

Combine a tulle skirt with a matching fitted or fluid knitted top in a pattern or solid. Tuck or semi-tuck the top, or leave it out if you prefer those proportions. Add dressy shoes like pumps, sandals, or tailored boots. Top off the look with a tailored moto jacket that works with the palette. Personally, I like short motos combined with full skirts, but feel free to wear a longer one.

Moto Jacket Knitted Top and Heels

2. Skirt and Sneakers

Combine a tulle skirt with a fluid shirt or blouse. Tuck it in or knot the front to create a waistline. Scrunch or roll the sleeves. Add sneakers that work with the colours of the skirt. Here, the white sneakers match the white of the top. The pink in the sneakers matches the pink of the skirt. The pink baseball cap playfully matches the skirt. I’d add a light blue denim jacket as a topper if needed.

Skirt and Sneakers

3. Graphic Tee, Suspenders, and Sandals

Combine a tulle skirt with a tucked solid tee, or graphic tee. Add a decorative pair of suspenders that work with the palette of the outfit. Here, the skirt has detachable straps, but you can add suspenders instead. The on-trend platform sandals add drama and a bit of height. Boots can work well too. I can see a pile of pearls adding a fab touch.

Graphic Tee Suspenders and Sandals

4. Fluid Cardigan and Dressy Shoes

And last, a slightly collegiate vibe. Combine a tulle skirt with a solid or patterned tee or knitted top. Tuck or semi-tuck the top for a bit of structure. Layer a boxy and longer cardigan over the top. Leave it open to showcase the top. Scrunch the sleeves if you like. The low contrast between the three clothing items creates an elongated effect. Finish off the look with dressy shoes like these ankle-strap wedges. The dark shoes bookend the model’s hair and add a little shine. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Fluid Cardigan and Dressy Shoes