Ideally most items in our wardrobe should make us happy when we wear them. Of course, some items make us happier than others. But in reality, there are reasons to keep some items that don’t make us happy. Some are placeholders until, budget-permitting, we find a better version of them. Others were gifts that we don’t want to pass on. Some items were a pricey purchasing mistake that we feel guilty about passing on. And we’ve fallen out of love with some items because of evolving sartorial preferences.

There are three items that don’t make me happy because they are a shade of olive, which isn’t working for my style right now. Olive has never featured heavily in my wardrobe, but I have a sprinkling of it because it matches my green eyes and complexion. The items are between three and seven years old.

The sweater dress is a gorgeous fluid fit, comfortable, exceptional quality, and flattering, which is why I cannot pass it on. It’s old, but hasn’t pilled. I wear it with a cream, red, or citron support act to break up the expanse of olive. Wearing it with my happy colours helps, but I wish it was a shade of blue.

I wear the COS dress like a tunic over wide crops, relaxed straights, or barrel leg jeans. It’s another unique and great quality piece that fits well, and looks attractive, so I can’t pass it on. I wish it was navy. Instead, wearing it with white pearls, white jeans, white shoes, and a bright bag helps me feel happier sporting olive.

And last, the carrot pants with matching self-belt are a playful flashback to the ‘80s that makes me smile. I wish they were white, but wearing them with navy, white, or a bright top helps me feel happier in them. Adding white shoes and a bright bag helps too.

I don’t wear these items often because they are olive, but I’ve found ways to make them work well enough for now. Maybe my mood will change and I’ll like olive again. But in the meantime, I’ve listed it as a style goal — no more olive purchases.

Over to you. Do you keep items in your wardrobe that don’t make you happy? If so, why, and do you wear them anyway?