In my many years of frequent closet editing, I can’t remember a single item from my wardrobe that I truly regret passing on. Maybe it would have been fun to still have the odd item from my teenage and university days in the ‘80s. Instead, I have wonderful memories of the fashion era, which is special too. 

I do regret passing on items from my late Mum and Grandmother’s wardrobes that they wore in the ’60s and ‘70s. I LOVE the fashion from those decades. I remember their gorgeous trapeze jackets, jacquard coats, capes, bell-bottoms, platform boots, full skirts, chain belts, lace dresses, maxi dresses, and fringed knitwear. Although my Mum’s colour palette was very different to mine — she favoured earth tones, black, light blue, and muted pinks — I would have enjoyed having some of those items here with me today. Sentimental and vintage in the very best way. My Mum’s Mum, my Oma, adored red and yellow like I do, so it would have been extra fun to have her stash seamlessly work with my own colour palettes. But alas, it’s gone.

Over to you. Do you regret passing on items too quickly, and wish you had some of those items today?