Wearing jackets under coats has its advantages. The double layer of toppers keeps you warm and insulated, and the layering can have a fab visual effect. The combination is great when you want to wear a jacket indoors because your outfit looks better with a jacket over the top. Or the jacket keeps you warm inside when a coat is too bulky.

Here the model is wearing a turtleneck under a streamlined blazer, and a roomy coat over the lot. The coat is especially roomy in the armholes, sleeves, and across the back, because that’s where the layers can get uncomfortably tight.

Jacket under Coat

On the other hand, you might find this combination too layered, heavy, constricting, hot, and bulky. Or it’s simply not necessary to wear a jacket indoors. Or it’s not cold enough to wear a double set of toppers. Some of my clients commute by car and brave the short time they are outdoors in the elements with a jacket and leave off the coat. Some of my clients will happily wear coats over their pants or skirt suits. Or over denim jackets and streamlined blazers.

I sometimes wear blazers and denim jackets under my roomier coats if I want to wear a jacket indoors. I find the look comfortable because my jackets are fluidly tailored and the coats that go over the top are very roomy. I’m a YAY. How about you?